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It was through music that I first encountered the Feldenkrais® Method, and it was Feldenkrais that inspired me to write. These three streams—music, somatic education, and writing—have come together in a new and integrative approach to the hearing sense:  Listening with Your Whole Body TM.

Through the embodied experience of sound, both musicians and non-musicians can improve their listening, their hearing, and their relationship with sound itself. Participants in workshops in France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and Canada have confirmed its value. You will find more on this radical new approach to the improvement of hearing here.

Writing gets the word out. There is a new book, available in both English and French editions, laying out the principles, philosophy, poetry and science behind the listening work. Here you will also find reviews and links for my second book, The Ezekiel Code: A Vision of Living Bones (2014), and my first, Making Connections: Roots and Resonance in the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais (2007), which is also available in a French edition.

On the Recordings page, there are six original CDs with music for listening, singing, dancing, meditation and relaxation. Enjoy!

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