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The Feldenkrais® Method is a path to health and wholeness. It works through movement and dialogue, much of it non-verbal. It’s good work, and I treasure the opportunity to help people find the comfort, freedom and inner guidance that is their birthright.

For a musician who does this work, it is a welcome chance to help other musicians toward their musical and personal goals.

These two streams—the kinesthetic and the musical—have come together to produce a new and integrative approach to the hearing sense, which I call Listening with your Whole Body.

Through this approach, both musicians and non-musicians can improve their relationship with sound itself. Students and colleagues, in workshops in Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Ascona, Oslo, Montreal, Victoria and beyond, have already confirmed its value. You will find more on the improvement of

listening by clicking here.

On the musical front (under Recordings), there are five original CDs featured on this site, with music for listening, singing, dancing, and relaxation.

On the literary front (under Writings) you will find news of my new book, The Ezekiel Code, along with reviews and links regarding Making Connections, my book on the founder of the Feldenkrais Method. You will also find La Réparation du monde, a French translation of Making Connections.

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