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What participants are saying about David’s work:

“David is a born teacher. His listening work improves hearing function and resonates in multiple dimensions that bring us into a larger wholeness as we listen to ourselves and others.”

- Donna Blank, Feldenkrais Trainer, Bethesda, MD

“David combines his knowledge of Feldenkrais with musical, emotional, and psychological awareness. He creates an open, safe, and warm environment for each student.”

- Dena DeRose, Concert Artist, Prof. on Jazz Faculty. Graz, Austria

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of being at your workshop and for the indelible experience that I had there. I had previously considered myself unmusical. I have never before felt each and every note of music in such a profound deep way, as if I too were a creator of the notes.”

  1. -M.I., psychotherapist, Victoria, British Columbia

"I feel like my skin is all ears."

  1. -M.L., musician, Victoria, B.C.

“After twenty years of professional experience as a classical violinist, the changes I'm experiencing are as welcome as they are unexpected. The new ways of listening have also transferred to my playing and I’ve never known such visceral pleasure in the physicality of the sound.”

- Participant in the Vienna workshop, 2015.

“With ease, playfulness and a beautiful sense of humour, David guides you on a journey to explore spaces in yourself you probably never visited before. In this workshop I experienced myself as a

precious instrument.”

- Participant in the Vienna workshop, 2015.

Listening with Your Whole BodyTM

Better Hearing through the Somatic Experience of Sound

Developed and Taught by David Kaetz

What can you do to improve your own hearing and listening?? How can you get more joy out of music, listen more effectively to others, and take better care of this precious window on the world?

As vision involves more than the eyes, listening involves more than the ears. Listening is integrated with movement, breath, attention, attitude, thought, emotion, context, relationship, and the other senses.Therefore, improving our awareness of how we hear and listen—with our whole selves—can set the stage for improvement.

Listening with your Whole BodyTM is based on the pedagogical approach of Moshe Feldenkrais and other systemic approaches to self-organization, as well as insights from ancient and modern acoustical research, neuroscience, and a life in music.


  1.    More on the Work.pdf

  1.    A Shift in the Ground of Perception.pdf

  1.    Frequently Asked Questions about the Workshop.pdf

Chladni Plate from William Henry Stone,

Elementary Lessons on Sound, (London- Macmillan, 1879)

Listening with Your Whole BodyTM seminars on-line and in-person in 2024:

On-line Seminars:

Watch this space.

Please contact David for more information.

In-Person Seminars:

Listening with Your Whole BodyTM, in England, 26-28 October, 2024. Details here.

Listening with Your Whole BodyTM, Steiermark, Austria, 16-17 November, 2024 (in German).

Details to follow.

Listening with Your Whole BodyTM, in Brussels, Belgium, April 2025 (French/English). Details to follow.

If you would like to be informed about future courses optimized for your area, or if you would like to explore this work one-to-one, please contact David directly.